Joomla video tutorials

Getting Started

  1. What is Joomla ?   Video 2 min 15 sec   ?How is Joomla different from standard websites?

  2. How to install Joomla via your hosting cPanel   Video 3 min 20 sec   ?Shows you how to install Joomla the easy way, via your hosting cPanel

  3. How to edit page content in Joomla  Video 12 min  ?Here we take you through the basics of using the Joomla editor to change text, add images etc

  4. First Steps - Getting started with your Joomla website  Video 15 min 32 sec   ?Helps you get started removing the unwanted template demo content and menu items. You'll soon start to see your website emerging.

The Basics

  1. How to change a template in Joomla   Video 2 min 13 sec   ?Just 2 minutes to totally change the appearence of your Joomla website. Easy when you know how.

  2. How to add and align a photo in Joomla   Video 4 min 31 sec   ?This will show you how to add a photo to your Joomla article.

  3. How to resize a large photo for Joomla  Video 7 min 16 sec   ?Don't try and upload photos to your Joomla website without reducing the file size, probably by around 90%. Here's how.

  4. How to add a page to a Joomla website   Video 3 min 41 sec   ?Adding a page to a Joomla site is tricky until the method is shown to you. Allow us to explain.

  5. How to add a table in Joomla  Video 4 min 21 sec   ?You'll need to install an improved text editor into Joomla before you watch this tutorial. See below in Added Extras.

  6. How to add your logo in Joomla Version 3 and Rockettheme template  Video 1 min 38 sec   ?Joomla Version 3 and later plus Rockettheme templates (the very best) make it easy to upload your own logo to the template.


  1. Understanding Categories in Joomla - Part One  Video 6 min 13 sec   ?How to make a Joomla category and sub-category.

  2. Understanding Categories in Joomla - Part Two  Video 8 min   ?How to use Joomla categories to make a Blog page and to control user access.


  1. Understanding Modules in Joomla   Video 4 min 41 sec   ?Modules are one of the features that gives Joomla it's power and flexibility, we'll explain here.

  2. How to create a new Module in Joomla   Video 7 min 12 sec   ?Step by step guide to creating a new Module and deciding where to place it on your website pages.

Added Extras

  1. How to add a simple Contact Form in Joomla   Video 3 min 11 sec   ?Set up a Joomla Contact Us form with minimum effort.

  2. How to install a better text editor to Joomla   Video 2 min 34 sec   ?Simplify adding images and get more options with an advanced text editor. Here's how to install one in about 2 minutes.

  3. How to make a new Menu in Joomla   Video 8 min 31 sec   ?Need to make a new menu ? We show you how and also how to place it in a module position.

  4. How to add Extensions and Plug-ins in Joomla   Video 6 min 42 sec   ?A great feature of Joomla is that there are 10,000 Extensions you can install to give you more functions. Here's how it's done.


  1. How to add PayPal buttons to a Joomla website   Video 8 min  2 sec   ?Less than 10 minutes from Go to Whoa and you'll be selling online from your Joomla website.

  2. How to install the Virtuemart eCommerce online shop system  Video 2 min 47 sec  ?We'll show you how in less than 3 minutes you can install the number one online shop system for Joomla.

  3. Getting Started with Virtuemart Video 6 min 37 sec   ?Often overlooked in the rush to add products, these quick actions will save you hassle later on.

  4. Adding a product to Virtuemart 2  Video 8 min 1 sec  ?Add a new Virtuemart Product Category and then add a Product and image.

  5. How to add extra photos to your Virtuemart Products Video 4 min 27 secs  ?Add as many extra images as you need to your Joomla / Virtuemart products.


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